Farmowners and Country Estates

Farms are the foundation of Fremont Insurance

Fremont has been insuring farm interests in Michigan since 1876. Whether you farm for a living, rent out your farm, rent a farm, or live on a hobby farm (country estate), you’ll find a Fremont Insurance product to suit your needs.

Our insurance programs and product have kept up with the times. Fremont Insurance works with its independent agents to to provide the most up to date coverage, to protect your personal and farm business needs in one package.

Farmowners Insurance

Fremont is one of the largest farm writers in the state of Michigan. Our Farmowners insurance Policy is geared to the owner-occupied farm. Coverages are expansive and complex, designed for your needs.

Farm Insurance

This insurance policy serves the unique needs of non-owner occupied or rental farms, that is, you own farm land which is occupied by another party.

Country Estates Insurance

Fremont has developed a specific package program to serve all the insurance needs of what we call the “gentleman” or “hobby” farmer whose income is not generated from farming, but whose property includes such farm-type structures as a barn and may keep farm animals.

Every insurance policy is customized to your needs

Because every farm is different, and every farm’s needs are unique, every policy is unique. Your local Independent Agent will walk you through our numerous options and endorsements to tailor a policy to your unique circumstances.