Renters and Rentals

As unique as you need it

Whether you’re investing in rental property or renting out your home, our rental dwelling policies are as unique as you will find in Michigan.

For example, we’ll insure your rental home, and cover not only your buildings, but all-risk coverage on included appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, and dishwashers, for their current actual cash value.

Rental Properties

Most of us think of fire as the greatest threat to our home or business, but fire is not a landlord’s only risk. Of equal concern is liability for an accident on your rental premises that results in injury and is determined to have resulted from your negligence as landlord.

In designing our Rental Dwelling Policy, Fremont Insurance has taken into account these and other risks faced every day by landlords. Additionally, a series of optional coverages are offered to further fine tune your Rental Dwelling Policy. Ask your independent agent for details.