Workers Compensation

Protecting your business and employees:

Workers’ compensation insurance provides benefits to employees for work-related injuries or illnesses including medical care, wages from lost work time, and more. It also provides a deceased workers’ family with a financial benefit. Most states require businesses to purchase and maintain workers compensation insurance and state requirements for this coverage can vary significantly.

The cost of doing business

Rising workers compensation insurance costs are a significant concern for business. That makes them a concern of Fremont Insurance Company, so our first order of business is to help our clients contain these costs. There are many ways to do this.

What can you do as a business owner?

A good safety record will keep your premiums down. Another obvious cost factor is the extent of the limits you purchase for Part II, Employers’ Liability.

The higher the limit, the greater the value…and consequently, the cost of your policy. Fremont Insurance provides a variety of limits to meet the needs of Michigan businesses, big or small.

Expert advice is only a phone call away

Your independent agent can explain Michigan’s workers compensation insurance minimum requirements, and explore your needs to determine the plan most suitable to your needs.

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