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Roadside Assistance

If you experience a mechanical breakdown that leaves you on the side of the road, Fremont Insurance will help you get moving again. Our roadside assistance service is fast and reliable to reduce the amount of time you're waiting for help.

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To file a claim online, please log into your policyholder account. You can also report a claim by calling your Fremont Insurance agent directly. If it's after regular business hours, please call our 24-hour Emergency Claims Service Center.

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Check on the status of an open claim by logging into your policyholder account, or by contacting your claims specialist directly.

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Roadside assistance is available to all insured vehicles with towing coverage. If you experience a mechanical breakdown while using a vehicle not owned by you, emergency roadside assistance is still covered.


If we can't repair your car onsite, we will have it towed up to a 10 mile radius to your destination of choice, or beyond 10 miles to our nearest authorized repair facility.


If you're stuck in a ditch or snow bank, a qualified professional will come out to wherever you are, secure a cable to your vehicle, and pull it free.


If your car battery is discharged or dead and you need a jump start, we will have a qualified representative out to you as quickly as possible.

Fluid Delivery

If you need an emergency supply of gas, oil, or water, we will have a qualified representative deliver enough fluid to get you safely to the nearest gas station or auto shop. 

Vehicle Lockout

If you're locked out of your vehicle, we will send out a locksmith to get you back inside as quickly as possible.

Flat Tire

If you experience a flat tire or a blow out, we can install your spare, re-inflate your tire, or tow your car. 

Alternative Transportation

If your car needs to be towed, a roadside assistance representative will assist in arranging alternative transportation to a repair shop, an ATM, your home, or wherever you need to go.

Minor Roadside Repairs

Our roadside assistance coverage also includes calling a professional to help with minor roadside repairs provided by a qualified representative.

How to Request Assistance

Roadside assistance is available 24 hours / 7 days a week in the United States and Canada. Call 800-550-0325 and select the option for Emergency Road Service.

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