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When the unexpected happens, Fremont Insurance is by your side to help you reclaim whatever you lost. We’re committed to ensuring a smooth claims experience by keeping you informed every step of the way.

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File a Claim

To file a claim online, please log into your policyholder account. You can also report a claim by calling your Fremont Insurance agent directly. If it's after regular business hours, please call our 24-hour Emergency Claims Service Center.

Emergency Claims Service Center

File a Claim Online

Check Claim Status

Check on the status of an open claim by logging into your policyholder account, or by contacting your claims specialist directly.

Check Claim Status Online

What type of claim do you need to make?


Learn what to do after you’ve been in an accident, what to expect during the claims process, how to get glass repaired, and more.

Auto Claims


Learn what to expect during the property claims process and how to find a preferred contractor.

Property Claims

Workers' Compensation

Gain an understanding of the claims process for workers' compensation for both employers and employees.

Workers' Comp Claims

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I file a claim?

You should contact your agent anytime you've been in an accident or believe you may have a claim.

What should I expect after filing a claim?

Your claim specialist will contact you the same day your claim is submitted. They will explain the claims process step-by-step and decide how much coverage you'll need. Your specialist will give you a direct contact number that you can use to check your claim status or ask questions.

What should I do if a claim has been filed against me?

Contact your agent right away. You can also call our 24-hour service center if your agent office is closed. All legal documents regarding the claim should be turned over to Fremont Insurance or your agent immediately.

What do I need to file a claim?

You only need the details of the loss. We will help you get an estimate and walk you through the claims process.

Do I need a police report?

Police reports should be filed in the event of an auto accident, theft, vandalism, or suspected criminal activity. The policy may require a police report in order to obtain coverage.

What is the proper loss notice for Work Comp?

Form 100 (revision date of 2013 or later).

When does wage loss start for a workers' compensation claim?

The injured worker must be deemed ineligible for work by a licensed physician for at least 7 consecutive days. Please contact a claims specialist for specific details.

Does the injured worker have to accept work for light duty within their restrictions if their employer has it available?

Yes, please contact a claims specialist for specific details.

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