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Mobile Homeowners

Whether you're the owner of a modular home or a manufactured home, Fremont Insurance has a policy that will fit your lifestyle and your budget. Our mobile home policy will give you many of the same coverages as our standard homeowner's policy, while keeping you protected from risks unique to mobile homeowners. Talk with one of our agents today to learn why our mobile home policy is one of the best values you'll find from a Michigan insurance agency.

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Standard Coverages


This coverage helps you pay for damages to the physical structure of your home and anything permanently attached, like your garage.

Other Structures

This coverage helps you pay for damages to physical structures that are not attached to your home, like a shed or a detached garage.

Personal Property

This coverage reimburses you if the contents in your home are damaged, destroyed, lost, or stolen.

Loss of Use

If your home is damaged and you can no longer safely live there, this coverage will reimburse you for your expenses while you live somewhere else (like a hotel) while your home is repaired.

Personal Liability

This coverage provides protection if you’re found legally liable to have caused bodily injury or property damage to someone else.

Medical Payments

This coverage provides protection from injuries that occur at your residence (e.g. a friend slipped on your icy stairs).

Additional Coverages & Programs

Enhanced Coverage Endorsement

This enhanced coverage helps pay for expenses like tree removal, refrigerated contents, glass deductible, back-up of sewers and drains, lock replacement, identity fraud, and much more.

Ordinance or Law Coverage

If you have an older home that's damaged and needs repair, you may be required by construction ordinances or laws to meet updated building codes, which can get expensive. This coverage reimburses you for part of those expenses.

File a Claim

When the unexpected happens, Fremont Insurance is by your side to help you reclaim whatever you lost. We’re committed to ensuring a smooth claims experience by keeping you informed every step of the way.

File a Claim
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Ways to Save

We’re dedicated to helping our customers get the most coverage at the best rate. That’s why we look for opportunities to save you money.


You must bundle more than one insurance policy to qualify.


You must be 50 years of age or older to qualify.


If you're a non-smoker, you may qualify for a 5% discount on your policy.

Premises Alarm or Fire Protection System

You must have a security or fire alarm system installed in your home to qualify.

Tie-Down Credit

Your mobile home must be stabilized by installing tie-downs to qualify.

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