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Lightning Safety

lightning strikes in night sky

Lightning destroys! Protect your loved ones, home, and electronics.

Lightning storms are responsible for more destruction, injuries, and death each year than all the hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods combined.

Think surge protection

  • Ask your utility company if surge suppression is installed at the electric meter – often standard today; if not, install a surge breaker on your main panel board.
  • Lightning losses are a covered peril (after the deductible) in most property insurance policies, but replacing electronics won’t restore lost personal documents, pictures, music, etc. Fortunately, electronic devices often have built in surge suppression today; to be safe, unplug the devices during storm activity.
  • Avoid appliances, phones, and water during lightning storms. Currents traveling through a structure can hit a person using anything electric or corded, and any running water including showers, bathtubs, and pools.
  • When outdoors during lightning storms, put aside personal electronic devices such as cell phones, iPods, and laptop computers. These can cause serious injury.
  • Encourage your electric company to keep trees trimmed around power lines.
  • Professionally designed and installed lightning rods provide some protection.

Use the 30-30 Rule!

30 Seconds flash to bang: time to take shelter!

(When you see the flash, count the seconds to the bang. Every 5 seconds equals 1 mile. Divide by 5 to determine the distance in miles from you to the lightning.)

30 Minutes after the last thunder is heard: safe to resume activities.

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