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Travel Safety

father and son loading car with suitcase

A pre-plan promotes peace of mind on the road and back home.

A home is burglarized every 20 seconds in the United States! Have you left clues of your absence? Police call these “targets of opportunity” for thieves. These simple precautions before you head out of town, especially for extended periods, can keep you from becoming the next victim.

“Secure” your home while away

  • Equip doors and windows with deadbolt locks. Remember to secure second floor and basement windows, and garage doors.
  • Create a ‘lived-in” look with timers on inside and outside lights.
  • Arrange for a neighbor or friend to pick up your mail and other deliveries daily, or put them on hold.
  • Leave a car in the driveway or ask a neighbor to park there.
  • Have them use your garbage/recycling containers as well.
  • Have vegetation maintained around doors and windows; have the lawn and bushes trimmed as needed.
  • Keep your plans private; don’t leave notes on the door; don’t change your voicemail message to indicate you are away; don’t divulge plans on social networks.
  • A trusted house sitter is always a good idea.
  • Call police immediately if on return you find evidence of a break-in. Do not enter the house as a possibly armed burglar may still be inside. Do not disturb any potential evidence.
  • Inspect and/or program your security systems.

Pre-Departure Check List

  • Camera/ camcorder
  • Phone/ phone numbers
  • Medications/ first aid kit
  • Toiletries/ sunblock
  • Eyeglasses/ sunglasses
  • Hats/ caps/ visors
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Swimsuits/ beach gear
  • Umbrella/ rain gear
  • Games and small toys
  • Insurance information
  • Driver’s license
  • Passports
  • Money/ ATM and credit cards
  • Airline/ event tickets
  • Sporting gear
  • Small tote or waist pack
  • Backpacks for long outings
  • Extra bag for souvenirs
  • Reading materials

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