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No Fault Insurance Reform

After July 2, 2020 Michigan drivers are no longer required by law to purchase a no-fault insurance policy that includes personal injury protection

Cold Weather Car Hazards

In addition to ice and snow, driving in the winter months can be hazardous in other ways.

Black Ice Threat Throughout Duration of Winter

Even on a sunny, dry day, motorists should beware of black ice if the temperatures are low enough.

Got Time on Your Hands? Create a Home Inventory for Insurance

So many of us are homebound right now, whether we’re working from home or under stay at home mandates.

Travel Safety

A pre-plan promotes peace of mind on the road and back home.

Winter Driving Tips

It’s winter in Michigan. Plan ahead. Drive defensively. Arrive safe.

Auto Security

How secure is your vehicle? A few minutes, a few dollars go a long way.

Lightning Safety

Lightning destroys! Protect your loved ones, home, and electronics.

Woodburner Family Safety

We can replace your property, but we can’t replace you or your family.

Pre-Departure Float Plan

Before going out on a vessel, it is always a good idea to leave a float plan with a relative or friend, or at least with a local marina.

Umbrella Protection

Why an umbrella policy? Higher limits, broader coverages.

Farm Emergency Plan

As a farmer, you know all too well nature is unpredictable. Having an emergency plan will help preserve what you’ve worked so hard to build.

Boat Buying Tips

With so many factors and choices to consider, the process can be a bit overwhelming.

Boating Access Sites

There are over 1,300 public boating access sites and over 80 harbors and marinas throughout the State of Michigan administered by State, county, an

An Overview of Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation is insurance providing wage replacement and medical benefits to employees injured in the course of employment in exchange for

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